Create user experiences that people will love

we provide performance analytics with regression alerts

What We Offer

Insights that drive change.

Regression Testing

Compare results and automatically detect regressions after each deploy.

Multi-Location Reports

Choose from multiple locations in the US & Europe that best match your sites.

Budgets & Alerts

Set budgets to keep your pages in check and get alerts when you go over budget.

The Right Metrics

Improve custom experiences by focusing on the metrics that matter the most.

Powerful Notifications

We can notify you any way you'd like, be it through email, SMS, Slack or a webhook.

Custom Configuration

Mimic the conditions your users face with real-world device and connection emulation.

Affordable Pricing

Plans that scale with your needs, 100% refund guarantee.


  • Sites1
  • Pages10
  • locations1
  • History7 days


  • Sites10
  • Pages50
  • locations5
  • History30 days


  • Sites100
  • Pages1000
  • locations14
  • History365 days


Answers to most common questions.

How do I get an invite?

You can get an invite by subscribing to our newsletter at the top of the page. We slowly drip invites to subscribers until we're ready to fully launch.

What are sites and pages?

A site is a single domain, and pages are each path you want to monitor for a site.

Do you charge for additional users?

No. You can add as many users to a site as you want.

How long do you keep metrics for?

Each plan limits how far back you can view historical data, but we store full history of each page, so you can move back farther as your plan progresses.